This first chapter engages readers to understand key definitions about lean, its origins, and its evolution. It provides insights about the strategic relevance of performing Gemba Walks as a key enabler for Kaizen and Kairo towards collaborative problem-solving. Kaizen focuses on fostering a growth mindset in leaders and employees enabling them to reach their true individual potential and Kairo fosters the development of a continuous improvement culture to deliver value to customers, employees, and society.
This chapter also introduces the Lean Transformation Model proposed by LAA consisting of 4 building blocks and 12 enablers used as the framework to discover and document the best practices of the 9 Gemba Walk cases included in the book: Barry Callebaut (France), Rolls Royce cars (UK), Swisscom (Switzerland), CEMEX (Colombia), Airbus (Spain), IMC (Argentina), Bocar (Mexico), Interface (USA) and Thermofisher (Lithuania).